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Versailles pattern – luxury crystal pattern

Versailles pattern

Versailles-patternWhen the master visited the palace he was amused by its size and richness. There is no white wall in the palace, and every wall is coated with gold, paintings or Gobelins tapestries. The Venice pattern is a classical one, with a special form of crystal goblets. With these luxurious handmade art crystals you can feel yourself as Louis XIV. in Versailles. The elegantly cut classical goblets are richly  engraved with floral motifs, like the golden ones on the wall of the Palace of Versailles.  The detailed free hand work makes the crystals perfect and valuable, and a beautiful decoration on your table. If you are looking for a high end table crystal, Varga Art Crystal is the best choice.  Versailles pattern is ideal fro a classical elegant table, to a luxurious elegance home.

Versailles flute

Versailles-patternThere is a wonderful place next to Paris. I you walk in the district, you will not able to miss the Versailles Palace. It was built by Louis XIII. Those days it was only a smaller hunting lodge near to Paris. Until 1678 there was a big extension but the final outfit was reached under Louis XIV. This remarkable palace has a lot of secret place, beautiful garden, and the biggest luxurious rooms what ever created until these times.  At the beginning the cost of the building was payed from the king’s own budget, but later they took the money from the parliament. All little pieces were constructed in France even the mirrors what were usually made in Venice. They made several Gobelins tapestries, many furniture and lots of golden decorative objects. The total costs in current amount would be over 50 billion US dollars. Order Now!


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