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Venice pattern, handcrafted art crystal

venice patternAn elegance pattern named after an elegance city. When the master visited Venice he was astonished by the architecture, the canals and the story of the city how was it built. He was walking several hours in the streets, and tried to own the main atmosphere of Venice. He also visited Murano, the island where they produce the nicely colored glass objects. Later on when he came back to Varga Art Crystal Manufactory in Budapest, he tried to figure out a pattern what shows the best the style of the city. As the city is overdecorated, he designed a very sophisticated pattern with loads of cuttings and with a blend of engravings. The millions of deeper cuttings are symbolizing the poles of trees were used to build the city, and the top of the goblets are symbolizing the city itself. So this is an interesting pattern where you can see the city symbolized from its deepest basics to the top. Even this stylized pattern has the luxury elegance on Venice. These high end table crystals give  you the feeling what the Doge had when he sit on his table.  This very detailed luxurious handcrafted art crystal is ideal for an elegance home and makes the table more astonishing than ever before.


venice patternIn north Italy there are 117 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges in the mouth of river Po, this place is called Venice.  This beautiful town is famous from it architecture, and even from its existing. You can not find a town similar like this. A city built on the sea. The name Venice is derived from the ancient Veneti people who inhabited the region by the 10th century BC. There are not surviving records from founding of Venice,  but the historians accept that the city was established around the time as Padua, Trevisio or Altino.  That time mostly fisherman were living in the lagoons. The area was conquered by several hordes such as Visigoths or the Huns led by Attila. In the 8th century Venice was led by the doge, and the Pope had great influence on the town. The prestige of the town increased in 828 when the relics from St Mark were placed in the new basilica.  They started to trade with several north African towns, and got trading privileges from Constantinople.  Venice’s long decline started in the 15th century when it first made an unsuccessful attempt to hold Thessalonica against the Ottomans. During the 18th century Venice became one of the most elegant and refined city in Europe. The city was conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte  in 1797. During the 2nd World War the city was nearly not bombed so the beauty of the city was saved.

Basilica di San Marco

A place for worship and a monument to plunder. Originally this was the place where the bones of St Mark was placed. It was hard to get such a relic, and the tales are told that it was stolen from Egypt by a pair of Venetian merchants. The style of the cathedral is mostly influenced by the Byzantine architecture, with five domes, and fully decorated with mosaics and other religious objects.

St Mark’s Square

This id one of the world’s greatest squares.  Full crowded with people and with pigeons. Some Venetians states that the number of pigeons are over the number of tourists. It is also famous for its inundations called “Acqua Alta”. These floods are not lasting too long so you can just put on you willies.

Grand Canal

This is the main aquatic thoroughfare in central Venice.  The basis is an ancient river-band from the Tronchetto parking island to Piazza San Marco. The canal is about 4km long. You can hire a vaporetto and enjoy the sightseeing from the ship.

Rialto Bridge

This bridge is the main pedestrian crossing between the two banks of the Grand Canal since 1591. This was the only bridge over the canal until 1854 when the Accademia Bridge was built. This remarkable bridge gives the atmosphere of the middle ages when the bridges were full of shops.

Rialto Food market

This is the place where you should go in the early morning when the Venetian homemakers and restaurant owners do their shopping. You can find wide variety of vegetables, fruits and fresh fishes in Pescheria.  By the noon most of the action is over.

Venice is a unique and beautiful city what you should visit at least once in your life. With its canals, gondolas and unique style it is a busy and interesting place. Order now!

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