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Saint Tropez pattern – luxury flutes, crystal flutes

saint tropez, luxury flute, crystal flutesaint tropez, luxury flute, crystal fluteAnother nice sample of the city named collection is the Saint-Tropez from the remarkable French Riviera. The nice town located in a picturesque place. This was the favorite beach of Pablo Picasso and Robert Capa what was stated in the famous photo series of them. Luxury and the beautiful color of the sea is remarkable. That was what inspired the master to create this pattern. We usually make this pattern on colored crystals, as the beauty of the pearl-like bubbles makes the nicest play of the rainbow in these items. On the cobalt-blue  hand made luxurious crystal from Varga Art Crystal you can see the colors of the blue sea “Côte d’Azur”.  Mostly that is why people choose this pattern in that color but also in another colors the pattern is very unique. The pattern shows the elegance of the place combined with the sense of the sea and the song of the mermaids.

Saint-Tropez is a beautiful town 100km west from Nice and near to Cannes, part of the Côte d’Azur region. St-Tropez is one of the lively towns along the coast during the summer. Vacations delight in the sandy luxurious beaches culture and gourmet food.

In 599 BC Massilia (recently Marseille) was established by the Phocaeans, they settled other coastal mooring sites as well. Later the Romans invaded the region. These times many opulent villas were built, one of the is the most known “Villa des Platanes” (Villa of the Plane trees).  The first name for the town was Heraclea-Cacceliera, what was changed after a legend martyr Saint Tropes. The legend is about his decapitation is Pisa, his body was placed in a boat with a rooster and a dog, and his body landed at the present day location of the town.

After the fall of the Roman Empire pirates attacked the town.  From 891 to 972 this part of the coast became an Arab Muslim colony dominated by a nearby Saracenic settlement.  In 976 William I Count of Provence attacked the Muslims. From 1436 Count René Ist tried to repopulate Provence and moved 60 Genoese families to the area. In 1470 a wall and 2 towers were built around the city. The city became a small republic with their own fleet and army.  From 1436 Count René Ist promised to the city that there will be no tax for the citizens of Saint-Tropez.  It was removed only in 1672 by Louis XIV.  In the 1920s famous people visited the tows such as Coco Chanel. in the 1950s became internationally renowned by the films such as “And God Created Woman” which starred by Brigitte Bardot. Nowadays also lot of famous people visits the town mostly with their yacht: Diddy, Jay Z, and 50 Cent.  Today the town’s population is nearly the same as in the end of the 19th century. This way the town kept its unique atmosphere.  With its beautiful beaches and calm streets, beautiful warm weather  it is a special place to visit. Order now!


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