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Caesar Plate – luxury crystal

This wonderful piece of art plate is over 20 years old. Originally it was designed and made by István Koltai who died after making this breathtaking item.  This way made this item more unique. István Koltai usually designed items with historical scenes. In this plate he wanted to show the ancient roman empire. Through his eyes we can enter to the world where we can meet the gladiators or even with the great emperor Julius Caesar. He designed moments from the Roman Empire’s life.

Caesar PlateIf we go raw-by raw on the plate, we can find the gladiators at the bottom. As slaves they were entertaining the emperor and the plebs with fighting. They were fighting against each other or even against animals. You can see heroes and defeated ones as well, and you can feel the exciting felling how would these fights gone.

On the second raw we can find the plebs. The free Roman people who served the Empire. On the right side we can see 3 soldiers with spear, stick and one with a sledge-hammer. This forms a mythological atmosphere.

Caesar PlateOn left side we can see  people with trumps. Caesar PlateThese people are for cheering the emperor. If you see deeply into the engraving, you may even hear the music what they play.

Caesar PlateThe top of the rows is the arictocracy raw. You can see the richness of their life. You can feel the light wind what echoes the music of the harp. And the most seen 4 letters in the Roman Empire: S.P.Q.R. (Latin phrase: Senātus Populus que Románus)

Caesar PlateThe plate is showing the commendation of Caesar. That is why he is in the middle. Who coordinates the whole empire.  Coordinates slaves, plebs and aristocrats as well. And everybody serves him. Order now

Caesar Plate


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