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Athens luxury famous flutes


athens luxury famousfluteAthens is the city with the most glorious history in the world, a city worshiped by gods and people. Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens dominates the Attica region and is one of the world’s oldest cities, with its recorded history over 3,400 years. It is the city where democracy was born and this city was the birthplace of the modern cultural life.

The history of the city is one of the most impressive all over the world. It was an important city even in 1700BC and it did not lose its dominance. They based their dominance on trading. The thousands of islands and cities nearby allowed Athens to grow rapidly. One of the biggest advantage of the location was that its access to the sea, which gave it a natural advantage over inland rivals such as Thebes and Sparta. Of course this richness made wars against the Persians who wanted to capture Athens several times. Who can forget the big winnings in Marathon in 490BC and at Salamis in 480 BC. However their heroic resistance at Thermopylae by Spartans and Greeks led by King Leonidas, finally they have been captured by the Persians.  After decades Athens became the leading cultural centre for the Western civilization. You may remember Aeschylus, Sophocles, Herodotus, Euripides, Socrates and Hippocrates.  These were the golden ages of Athens. Later on they were defeated by the rival city of Sparta. After that the city was hold in the background as the Roman Empire raised, and took the dominance. In the 19th century in 1986 the first modern Olympic games was held in Athens ( and later in 2004 as well). After the I. and II. World War the population of Athens has grown rapidly. The modern city of Athens is a wonderful combination of the ancient memorials and the busy 21th century life.

Over the modern city of Athens the ancient pieces gives the special era for the visitor that only some special city can give. On the top of the Acropolis the Parthenon patrons. It was started to build in 447BC. Meaning of the word „Parthenon” is „virgin’s apartment”, it’s dedicated to Athena Parthenos, the goddess embodying the power and prestige of the city. The temple was built during the golden ages of Athens, and has been finished totally in 432BC. The forest of the Doric Orders and the decorative sculptures gives the first place in the Greek art. Parthenon is an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece and the western civilization. Though it was destroyed or used for mosque, treasury or Christian church during the years, it still saved its beauty. The interesting thing is that you can see the nicest sculptures of the Parthenon in the British Museum in London. It was happened in 1816 when they were sold to them after the Venetian bombardment, when 7th Earl of Elgin removed some of the surviving sculptures. These sculptures are known as the Elgin Marbles. But you can also find some in the Acropolis Museum in Athens, in the Louvre in Paris, museums in Rome, Palermo and Vienna as well. In 1975 the Greek government started to restore the Parthenon and the works are still on until nowadays.

When you are walking around the city you always find some ancient monument: Keramikos, Temple of Poseidon, Erechtheion, Theatre of Dionysos etc… You can find modern places as well, but the ancient culture is here in the city even today.

The pattern:

This unique antique spirit was the inspiration for the master to create the Athens pattern. He wanted to give back the elegance, and the spell of the ancient world.

The master first designed his own tools to make this pattern. Varga Art Crystal makes as detailed and professionally precious high standards that they can not fulfill with the tools in the market. So we design our own precious tools to make the best detailed piece of arts. We order diamonds from all over the world (South-Africa, Russia, Israel…) to test them which gives the best result. We use different drills and different tools to every pattern, and even in one pattern. Especially in Athens pattern we use more different tools as this is one of the most complicated ones. We make it with “step by step” technique, what means that after each production step we make an another part of the pattern. In this way we are able to combine the matt and the shiny surfaces, what gives a special appearance for Varga Art Crystal. This also requires very detailed planning, as if we forget to do something a step behind we are unable to redo it any later. Also the artist has to be really well trained because they have to see in front of their eyes how will the whole pattern appear on the crystal at the end, though they just make the first peelings of the crystal. The final step is the engraving what appears matt surface at the end. This gives the uniqueness and beauty of our crystal products. That is why artist have to learn this pattern for 3 years before they allowed to present it for customers. Varga Art Crystal offers only 1stclass crystals to sell, we always demolish the ones what appears to be imperfect. In this way our customers can be 100% sure that they get what they expect: 1st class piece of art.

Athens pattern is the choice of the famous customers. The most detailed of the Varga Art Crystal wide range patterns. Athens is the birthplace of the European culture, the Alpha and the Omega , the beginning and the end. This pattern shows the richness of the ancient Greek city: the columns what refers to the Parthenon’s Doric Orders, with flowers and pots in harmony what was mostly used in the ancient times. The beauty of the pattern is that you can even see through the small windows you the color of the drink with the flavor of the shiny crystal. The shining of the crystal reflects through the preciously seated detailed free-handwork. You can see the details best on the color items where the cutting of the thousandth of the millimeter makes huge changes in color. This unique pattern gives a special atmosphere on the table with its elegance. Order now!


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